Healthy, Active Playtime

HEALTHY, ACTIVE PLAYTIME PODCAST SERIES- Produced by Livy Morris Productions

Healthy, Active Playtime Podcast—A 52 week podcast series designed to get kids moving… and creating their own fun, active playtime each day. This parenting series provides 52 playtime ideas which parents can incorporate into everyday routines to help put and end to childhood obesity. (Promoting more active playtime…and less sedentary screen-time play.) Each :90 second podcast in the series is hosted by Bobbi Conner, author of Unplugged Play: No Batteries. No Plugs. Pure Fun. Ms. Conner is also the creator and long-time host of the award-winning syndicated Public Radio Series, The Parent’s Journal.

Healthy, Active Playtime Podcast will include a customized intro and outro for your website, and the series is packed with high-quality parenting information tailored to promote active playtime as part of the plan to prevent childhood obesity. Listen to sample Healthy, Active Playtime podcasts below:

  1. Healthy, Active Playtime—One Giant Floor-Drawing (sample #1)
  2. Healthy, Active Playtime—Parenting Tips to Include More Active Playtime (sample #2)

For more information about the Healthy, Active Playtime Podcast and other customized Child Health & Wellness Podcasts call or email: Executive Producer Bobbi Conner: (843) 881-2142 or email: [email protected]