Mom and Baby Together

MOM & BABY TOGETHER PODCAST SERIES- Produced by Livy Morris Productions

Mom & Baby Together Podcast—A 52 week podcast series designed to provide practical parenting tips and early care tips for baby in the first months of life. Each :90 second podcast in the series is hosted by Bobbi Conner, author of Everyday Opportunities for Extraordinary Parenting and long-time host of the award-winning syndicated Public Radio Series, The Parent’s Journal.

Each Mom & Baby Together Podcast will include a customized intro and outro for your website, and the series is packed with high-quality parenting information tailored to new and first time Moms. Listen to sample Mom & Baby Together podcasts below:

  1. Mom & Baby Together—Your Baby’s Growth & Development in First Months (sample #1)
  2. Mom & Baby Together—Write a Welcome to the World Letter to Your Baby (sample #2)

For more information about the Mom & Baby Together Podcast and other customized Child Health & Wellness Podcasts call or email: Executive Producer Bobbi Conner: (843) 881-2142 or email: [email protected]