Creating Songs with Important Information

One of the things you face as a parent is making sure your kids know their personal information. It is really hard for them to internalize this because it is so much data and young children don't usually do very well with that kind of information.

One of the things we found that helped our children remember was setting this important information to a tune. For example: My name is Sally Smith. This is my address: 40 Spring Street, Apt 4-A, New York, NY USA. And you can set that to any tune of your choice. You tell your child that this is the "Address Song" in case they need to tell this to a policeman or a teacher or someone who is in charge of them and they will always remember it this way.

Kids are great with songs. You can do this with your phone number and other important information. They also know they are not to give this information out to strangers.

We also play a game called "Who Are Your Friends" and "Who Are People Safe To Be With". We gave them a short list to go by.

We also got the kids at a young age to feel some sense of orientation about where they were going from block to block. When you move around on foot, you tend to follow certain paths or patterns and everyone would be amazed to find out that children really do know where they are going, especially if you point out signs and points of interest along the way.

If you encourage kids to be engaged and to think about where they are, they know perfectly well where they are and where they need to go.