Kids' Daily Good Deads at School

I was having a hard time getting information from my kids about their school day, so I thought a good way of doing this would be to integrate something we have been doing in other areas, which is doing good deeds. So when I pick up the kids from school, the very first thing I ask them is about their good deeds during the day. This opens up a whole area and brings back the day.

They mention if there are new kids in the area and what they have done to help them out in the school. They tell me whether they held the door for someone and it is sort of a mindfulness game that makes them aware of other people around and what they can do help.

I have a philosophy about making connections with people. Everyone you're around is part of your life and the more we can make connections, the more we can help each other. This is a good feeling.

When I ask them about their good deeds for the day, this opens up a lot of conversation about what they have observed all day, even things that weren't quite right, things that were unfair. They do good deeds in other places beside school. We take a backpack to the park and pick up trash. They help people find things in the grocery store.

So it has become a situation where they just tune-in beyond themselves.