New Baby Routines

Submitted by: Brett

From: Canada

As parents, when your baby is first born, you’re exhausted and you need a way of keeping track of what’s going on in your baby’s life. For example, how he’s eating, sleeping, etc. So, being a computer guy, I created a spread sheet (or baby log) so we could remember all the details every time we went to see the pediatrician.

The doctor’s office will ask you the same questions over and over, so it just made sense to make this log.   When the baby is first born, you should keep track of how much he’s eating and the number of minutes.  You can also note the baby’s sleeping routine. My wife has really taken this upon herself to keep track with paper and pencil and make quick notes and then I put it on the spreadsheet later. 

Helping Baby with Communication

I actually started to teach my youngest son how to sign by using very simple hand gestures for words like "want", "more", "eat", and "thank-you" when he was about 6 months of age, which is very early. He started to pick up on those words between 10 and 12 months of age. Instead of just crying or throwing something to get my attention, he was able to move his hands to indicate what his wants or needs were at that time.

Managing Baby Care

I was a teacher when my first daughter was born. My husband and I were very independent people, and we were adjusting to the life of having a new daughter and we absolutely loved being parents. I was focusing on everything around my daughter, and therefore wasn't allowing any time for myself.

Singing Books to Kids

As a parent you are always trying to come up with new ways to keep your kid interested in reading and books. One of the things I do that my sons really enjoy is rather than reading them like I normally would, I sing them! It's something I decided I'd try one day and so far it's been a hit! 

Air Travel with Babies

Traveling with a toddler isn't hard -- it just requires some planning. I make sure I have fun things for her to do, as well as food that's easy to carry and to eat. 

Exercise Routine with Baby

Since I live overseas and it is hard to find a babysitter, I have not been able to get back to the gym. So I had to devise my own exercise routine.

Making Inexpensive, Healthy Baby Food

Not being the nutty, crunchy, earth-mother, I was a little bit hesitant when a friend suggested I make my own baby food. But then I discovered how easy it was to buy a bag of frozen peas or frozen carrots, cook them up in batches, puree them with an electric wand or beater and then you just put them into and ice cube tray.

Soothing Babies To Sleep With Music

I've always thought of music as very soothing and great for kids. What I used to do is rock my son and listen to Bach's violin concertos. First, I used to play it just at bedtime to get him to go to sleep, then I realized that whenever he heard it he began to get drowsy. 

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