Teaching a Trade can Help Teens

I have two teenage boys and like every parent I have my concerns and worries. But I found a situation that helped my wife and I solve some problems with raising one of our children to a great degree. He had trouble focusing and his grades dropped in school. I teach at a trade school that teaches locksmithing. My son took an interest in locksmithing, so we taught him the basics and I found him a part-time job over the summer. And it turned out to be the smartest move my wife and I ever made. 

Learning a trade helped him be more focused and dedicated and it got to the point where started making a few dollars and he was very fulfilled at what he was doing. It gave him a whole new attitude towards his schoolwork and brought up his over-all sense of self worth. It's important for parents to pinpoint a hobby, trade or profession and help them succeed in that direction and you will see as I've seen in my son a change in their overall focus and attention span and sense of self-esteem.