Teen Drivers

When my daughter started driving with her learner's permit at the age of 16, I felt that she was still too young to drive other kids around because so many accidents happen when kids are driving their friend's around. So I required her to practice alone or with me in the car with her.

She drove almost everywhere when I was in the car, so she was getting a lot of experience behind the wheel with me there. She couldn't drive anyone else until she had a full year of experience of driving.

When I established this rule, she thought it was very harsh and was angry with me initially. However, she adjusted and I gave her the freedom to use the car when she needed to, so that alleviated some of the tension. I also wrote a contract up with rules for driving that she had to follow such as always wearing her seatbelt; locking the doors; not having more people in the car than could be safely belted; not blaring the radio or having too much distraction while she was driving.

 As a result of all this, she felt like she was the best driver of all of her friends and she felt more secure in the car. So in retrospect, she felt like it was a good rule. I think parents should openly discuss rules with their child and explain the good reasons for these rules.