Helping Young Children Make Friends

Remember to teach your kids if you want to have friends - you have to be friendly. Teach your kids to be friendly, how to say, "Will you play with me?" 

Toddler Sets the Table

In an effort to keep my toddler out from under my feet while I was preparing dinner, I started having him help "set the table". He started off with napkins and forks, but now he sets the whole table including his plate, any condiments, bread, and his brother's baby food. He also helps clear the table by putting his plate and cup in the sink.

Helping Toddler Adjust to New Baby

Here are some ideas to help parents spend time with their new baby without feeling like they are neglecting the older child:

Potty Training

I've been potty training my son for a couple of weeks now, and it was suggested to me to keep in the bathroom a stack of my child's favorite books to keep him interested in the process. My son has so many books and he gets read to throughout the day, so it was not an extra special treat, it was just kind of normal for him.

Toddlers Making Choices

I had a horrible time trying to get my toddlers dressed, but now I let them choose what they want to wear and they are enthusiastic about it.

Veggies for Breakfast

Several months ago in an effort to get my 21 months old daughter to eat her vegetables, I decided to camouflage them in a way that she didn't know what she was eating. She always liked her oatmeal in the mornings and I had started putting a little bit of grape jelly in there for sweetness and cinnamon and raisins which she also liked.

Healthy Homemade Foods and Smoothies

My son adores homemade fruit smoothies. He likes the texture and coldness of it and it is really easy to make with a little fruit and milk, blend...and it's done!

Saying Yes to Toddlers

I raised 3 children, so I learned early that I had to conserve my energy if I was going to get through to my children. I think all parents have experienced having to say "no" to this and "no" to that and you kind of get into a rut and it can be very frustrating to both parents and their children.

Morning Routine for Toddlers

My tip is directed to people who haven't had a daycare, caretaking or school routine and are about to start one. What I have discovered is if you do everything you possibly can the night before, you are much better off the following morning.

Air Travel with Kids

Traveling with a toddler isn't hard -- it just requires some planning. I make sure I have fun things for her to do, as well as food that's easy to carry and to eat. 

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