Finding a Part-Time Babysitter

Here are some great ideas for moms who are looking for a part-time babysitter:

The most important thing is not to wait until you have a date scheduled to go out and start looking for a sitter. You must plan in advance so you'll have your resources ready.

The first step is to develop a list of trustworthy people who tend to be available when you need them, and the second step is actually booking somebody. Some good resources for finding sitters is by talking with people in your neighborhood, or posting a notice on a high school bulletin board is helpful.

One of the best ways to get references is to talk with the teenager's parents. Make sure they ask you the proper questions like where their child will be baby-sitting, and if you will call if you're going to be late, and asking for your phone number in case they need to call you. If the parents are good role models in making sure that their child is okay, chances are their child would be a good babysitter.

Ask if the child has taken a Red Cross babysitting class. Don't leave a new babysitter with your child for hours while you are far away….have them come over for an hour or two when you're home and see how they do with the baby before you leave them alone with your child.

After you establish this list of possible babysitters, then you start as far in advance as you possibly can to try to book somebody. Sometimes you can just set up a babysitting day on a regular basis like every other Friday and try to arrange your appointments during those dates.

When calling for a babysitter, you should leave messages with specific information about when you need someone, and tell them you're calling other people but would like them to let you know if they're available. Let them know you're still looking and are not waiting for them to get back to you.

When you're dealing with teenage babysitters for a weekend night, you are dealing with competition as they all have social lives and they're busy too. So the most advance notice you can give them, the better the chances things will work out for both of you.

Sometimes the younger teenagers (12-13 years old) can be great babysitters, as they're young enough to actually sit down and play with your toddler and they're not as busy as the older teens.