College Boot Camp

I realized that when my children were getting ready to go off to college, I had the same concerns as when they were just starting school…Will they make friends? Will they know where to go? Will they be prepared? So I started a "boot camp" to help them get prepared for a pleasant & successful college experience.

I set aside one week and each day I reviewed one life skill that I thought would help facilitate their transition for independent living. I wanted to make sure I did what I could to help them get ready. I made sure they could use the washer and dryer. I also had them iron a shirt and pants. I also taught some sewing skills like making them thread a needle.

I taught some communication skills and ways to talk to their roommate. I suggested that they talk with the roommate over summer to see what items to bring, and what they liked and didn't like. I talked about how important it is to deal with a problem upfront, and not wait for it to progress.

It was a great idea and they were receptive to this process, and it made me feel less guilty sending them off on their own.