"Safety First" Game for Toddlers

When my daughter first learned how to walk, I was nervous about her in parking lots because she was so low to the ground and cars couldn't see her. 

Toddler Tasks

I was having a hard time getting my (then) 18 month old to come over to me and sit still for diaper changes and other tasks. 

One day, I just brought the supplies over to him and changed him where he was playing. It worked perfectly -- no squirming. 

Recording Vacation Memories

When my child was 4 1/3 years old we were going on a trip cross-country and we decided that a video camera was way to cumbersome and especially for use in the car. We thought about writing a journal but I found I got more involved with writing and missed half of the sights along the way. 

Getting Ready for the Dentist

A good idea for preparing kids for trips to the dentist: When my daughter was 2 1/2 she was getting ready to go to the dentist. Having worked in dentists' offices myself, I had seen how some kids were very frightened and some kids were more at ease. 

Watching What Your Kids Watch On TV

When my kids were little I made the rule that they can't watch TV, but they can watch a television program. Even when they couldn't read, I would read them their options in the program guide and they would choose.

Toilet Training Tips

My son was three and still wasn't really getting the hang of it. So I tried putting 3 or 4 pieces of Cocoa Puffs cereal in the water - tell him to take aim, and try to hit one. 

Creating a Masterpiece at the Doctor's Office

When my kids were young (toddlers through 11 years old) I would carry some sharpened colored pencils or crayons with me when we went to the doctor's office. During the long waiting time in the examination room, we would draw pictures and color them on the white paper they pull out over the table. 

Tear Jar

We found that when toddlers begin pitching a temper tantrum, a distraction was a good tool to calm them down. I took a Mason jar and labeled it with my toddler's name and kept it in the kitchen. Whenever the tears would star flowing, I'd run to the kitchen and get her "tear jar" to catch all her tears. 

Positive Power Of Words

I read to my son from a very early age. I always reinforced the idea that he likes books and that he was a good reader in front of other people and other children. And it seems that he likes the praise and he does like to read and likes books. I tried to get him to rise up to our expectations. 

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