Preschool Age

Preschoolers Picking up Toys

Almost all preschoolers seem to be a little messy and because they are so young, it's hard to teach them to be responsible. My wife and I have come up with something that we call "the Gunny Bag" that will eat the toys or clothes that are not put away and are left lying around on our kid's bedroom floor.

Morning Routine With Preschoolers

Here are some tips to help parents with preschoolers get organized and keep things calm in the morning.

Fun With Language

 noticed when my son came home from preschool and I asked him "How was school today?" he would just say "fine" or "good" and that was it. So I decided since boys had trouble articulating their feelings, that I would come up with a fun way to get him to enhance his language skills.

Learning Pre-Reading and Math Skills

Here are some great ideas for helping young children learn during the pre-reading and early math years.

Preschooler Dressing Herself

My middle child, now 4 years old, has wanted to dress herself, just like her big sister. We were thrilled that she wanted to dress herself, but not always on our schedule or in clothes that I would have chosen for her. So we had a real conflict and needed to put some boundaries around this.

Science for Young Children

One thing I like to do with kids is to take things that are in their environment and that they are very familiar with and have them look at it with fresh eyes. One of the most interesting things to do with a young child is to have them watch a drip….just to see how water comes out of the tap and see how the drop gets longer and longer until it falls off.

Teaching Manners to Small Children

For the youngest children, kids from 2- 4, really what you're doing is training yourself to remind them of their manners.

Teaching Empathy and Communication Skills to Preschoolers

The reason we should teach empathy and communication skills in today's society is very apparent with all the news broadcast we hear of gun-shooting and all of these very critical things happening in the schools.

Encouraging Responsibilities With Your Child

I'm a "stay-at home" mom, and my son kept telling me that he did not want to go to school. He didn't even want to turn 4 years old, because he knew that's when he would have to start school.

Library Visits With Kids

When my daughter was little, I used to take her to the library to pull out the storybooks and we would read some in the library and then we would bring some home. But my son, who is now 3 years old, has much more of a fascination with certain subjects. He's been very enticed by knights and castles and pirates.

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