Preschool Age

Communicating with PreSchoolers

This is something that I learned from a preschool teacher:

Special Tribute

Our 3 year old daughter generates a lot of art in connection with her home and preschool projects. While we would like to save them all, it is impractical to do so. Instead, we hold periodic art shows. Our daughter supervises the display of 10 or 15 of her pieces using tape on the walls in her room, and then poses in front of them while we snap a picture for our album.

Bedtime With Triplets

With triplets, bedtime can be a little hectic. To make bedtime more manageable we had to come up with a plan.

The biggest change in their toddler years is that they are a little more rambunctious at night, but we have a real routine going that works.

Teaching Kids About Feelings

The way I taught my young children about feelings was to give each feeling a color of its own. Through this method they were able to process their own feelings and became more aware of others feelings (or colors).

Teaching Preschoolers Letters and Numbers

I am a runner and ever since my daughter was one month old, I have been taking her out jogging with me 4-7 days a week (in her stroller).

Music to Help With Chores and Routines

When my son started preschool this past fall, we had trouble in the mornings getting him up and out of bed, getting him dressed, that kind of thing. He just dawdled around and I would try saying "you need to be ready in a couple of minutes" but that didn’t mean much to a 4 year old. 

Neighborhood Playgroups

I was a "stay-at home" dad for my son's first seven months of life. I soon discovered that even in a neighborhood full of little ones, we had very little contact with other children and parents, other than exchanging greetings on the street. 

Beat the (Clock) Egg Timer

I have a grandson who is 5, and a granddaughter who is 8 years old. They come to my house many times during the week. Their parents will pick them up around 7:00 or so, but I have had trouble with them picking up their toys before they go.

Children and Newspapers

When our daughter was in kindergarten, my husband and I started this routine. If we were reading the newspaper and saw something that we thought might interest our children, we would call them over and say,  "Look at this.

Bathtime Numbers

When my boys were small, it was very difficult to get them out of the bathtub. We had a large tub, about 6 feet long, and they loved to play in it. 

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