Tomato Can GOlf

I took a tomato paste cans and drove them into the ground in my backyard and mowed the greens around them. I made little flags out of coat hangers and made myself, my 3 kids, and the neighbor's kids a little putt-putt golf course. 

College Boot Camp

I realized that when my children were getting ready to go off to college, I had the same concerns as when they were just starting school…Will they make friends? Will they know where to go? Will they be prepared? So I started a "boot camp" to help them get prepared for a pleasant & successful college experience.

Finding a Part-Time Babysitter

Here are some great ideas for moms who are looking for a part-time babysitter:

The most important thing is not to wait until you have a date scheduled to go out and start looking for a sitter. You must plan in advance so you'll have your resources ready.

Teen Drivers

When my daughter started driving with her learner's permit at the age of 16, I felt that she was still too young to drive other kids around because so many accidents happen when kids are driving their friend's around. So I required her to practice alone or with me in the car with her.

Helping Teens Find Interests

High school students at any level are often intimidated by the prospect of determining what to study in high school and college. With my kids, we found it much easier to approach this question by eliminating the areas that did not interest them. 

Thinking Positive

My tip regards the negative speech that a lot of teens might use trying to see if they're okay in the world. 

Managing Telephone Time With Teens

Telephones and teenagers are a natural fit these days, so I am sure this issue applies to tens of millions of Americans with teenagers.

Teaching a Trade can Help Teens

I have two teenage boys and like every parent I have my concerns and worries. But I found a situation that helped my wife and I solve some problems with raising one of our children to a great degree. He had trouble focusing and his grades dropped in school. I teach at a trade school that teaches locksmithing.

Teen Phone Break

While sometimes I wish my sixteen year old daughter majored in phone at school, I recommend simply taking the phone off the hook for 30 minutes or an hour sometime during the evening so family time isn't invaded by her 27 friends calling with nothing to say. I also put her pager under a pillow so it doesn't buzz and distract her. 

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