Homemade Decorations

Our front door is sort of a giant message board and venue for seasonal decorations. We have a six year old who just loves to make decorations, so we have on hand a package of construction paper, age-appropriate scissors and some tape, and whatever the season, we do decorations for that season.

On Valentines Day our son will make hearts, on St. Patrick's Day he'll make shamrocks, flags for the 4th of July and during the winter maybe snowflakes or something appropriate for whatever holiday is occurring.

He decorates the outside of the door so people will see that we're celebrating and on the other side of the door we have messages for ourselves like notes for PTA meetings and upcoming events. So we see things we have to do when we're going out the door, and people coming in see our children's artwork.

One little tip I have: Keep a vacuum cleaner handy after all of this is finished and be sure to have plenty of tape so whatever you put on the door will stay up.