Birthday Tradition

This is about a birthday tradition called the "When I Was" booklet, which is a way to celebrate birthdays and special events in your child's life and also a way to have fun with writing.

A day or two before your child's birthday, you sit down with them and remember all the wonderful things that happened during the last year before your child turns another year older. You might have to help them out by reminding them and try to make a very simple book about what they think are the most important events.

Some of these will be funny. For instance, they might think that the most important thing that happened during the past year was that they got a new purse or something instead of something really major that happened, but that's fine. Then you can use photographs to illustrate these things, or have your son or daughter draw little pictures. Kids usually continue doing this even when they're older and this can lead into journal writing much of the time, which is a really nice thing to happen.

Another good thing that comes from this booklet is that as the children get older, they start telling you about friendships, activities, hobbies and all sorts of things that happen that are important in their lives. Having this booklet is a way to show your kids that you value what they think is important.