Mom's Journal

I keep a journal and my husband and I write down the funny anecdote of the day involving our kids. It is a great reminder of things that happen during a day, because so many things happen only once and this is a great way to remember them.

We write down things that our kids say or their first words. This is a journal about everything that's going on a daily basis. Not only are there funny stories about the kids in this journal, but it contains my thoughts as well as my husband's on parenting.

It is fun to write down why you did something or what you were thinking about at the time something happened. It's not so much an explanation for the future, but it's a way for me to put everything down on paper and see it and think about it.

When you have to actually write something down and collect your thoughts, you get a much clearer picture of what you're doing and you have a better understanding. My husband feels like the journal is his own emotional tool which taught him something about how he feels about his children.

Another great thing about keeping a journal is that you write things in there that you can't say in public or to other people. For example, I won't ever brag about my kids to other people, but I DO brag in that book. I write about how brilliant my kids are and how much I love them and a journal is a great place to really let those expressions out.