Give to the Earth Days

I have my 4 year old son home with me 3 days a week and I wanted to establish a ritual for him that meant giving back to something. So Mondays became "Give to the Earth Day" where we started going to the beach and bringing our litter bags and spending about 30 minutes picking up trash along the beach.

After we pick up the trash we spend time in the water and walking along the sand. My son really enjoys it and looks forward to it every week. Sometimes we make a game out of it to see who can pick up the most trash and he enjoys that part of it.

We have been brainstorming some other ideas for "Give to the Earth Day." We write our ideas on paper, put them in a glass bowl, and draw them out of the bowl.

Another idea we had was to eat all veggies on Mondays. We have dedicated Wednesdays as "Give to a Person Day" where we also brainstorm ideas about what we can do for somebody else. We walked a dog for someone one week, and brought lunch to a friend another week.

We have "Give to the Family" days also where we think of activities that we can do together as a family. We go on bike rides together, and picnic in the park.

I felt like it was important for my son to have some rituals that were established when he was very young so that he was able to make that a part of his life as he grows older.