Saturday Night-Reading Night

I wanted to limit my children's television habits. During the week, none of us watch television at all, but on the weekend I let them watch carefully selected videos. I also wanted to do something that would help us be closer as a family. I wanted to encourage in my children a desire to read and be creative. So we started "Story Night" on Saturday evenings.

I give each child a title and they have to develop a story around that title. For example, I gave one child the title "The Purple Cow" and he asked if he could change it to the "Purple Horse". They had an hour to work on their story and then each child had to get up and read their story and when they were finished and we had all applauded, it was my turn to read my story. They really seem to enjoy this and I am saving their stories and compiling books for them to have as a fond memory of their childhood.

One of my children is not good at reading and writing, so he does his stories by drawing pictures and explaining them. He has done a very good job and I am looking forward to showing him the progress he has made as time goes on.