Closet Shopping for Kids

When I was a child, my siblings and I would go shopping in mom's closet. My mother would buy gifts for the whole family at an after Christmas sale or some other big sale and keep them in her closet until the right moment. Whenever it was someone's birthday, or father's day, or whatever the occasion, we would ask to go shopping in her closet and she would pull out a variety of things that she had bought on sale and we would get to pick what we wanted to give as a gift.

I remember that we would get so excited because we were actually picking out the present and we got to choose from several items and make our own decisions about the gift. I think there were prices involved, although I don't remember if they were the real prices or made up prices, but we learned about math and value as well.

It is such a vivid memory for me when I was a child, that I plan to do the same with my son when he's a little older.