Family Fun for Everyone (Including Special Needs Kids)

I have 3 sons and my oldest has autism, so I had to find ways for everyone to enjoy doing things together. We needed a common denominator activity for everyone, like baking.

When the kids were younger we found it easier to involve them in baking activities. We started off with simple mixes but grew into making gingerbread houses during the long Christmas break. My autistic son would help decorate the house and roll out the dough. This takes days to do, if you want to do it right, so it's really a very involved activity.

Preparing meals actually works to hold everyone's attention for family time. Every time we have chili for dinner, my oldest son makes the cornbread. I just get the ingredients out and the measuring cup, and he knows what to do because he's so familiar with the routine. My youngest son will come running in saying that he wants to help too, so they both end up helping each other and learning this valuable skill of meal prep.

We all do family chores together like leaf-raking, bagging the leaves and raking them, and then jumping in the piles. We just think in terms of making family chores fun!!