Managing Media Time in the Famliy

When my son was 9 years old he would come home from school and immediately turn on the television, or a video game, and this was creating a lot of stress between us because that's all he wanted to do.

I finally reached the decision that there would be no more television, or video games during the week. Saturday would become our "Indulgence Day". On Saturday he could pick whatever he wanted to do, whether it was going to the movies or the amusement park, etc. Rarely would he choose playing videos.

He didn't like the idea at all in the beginning, and I allowed him time to be upset and voice his complaints, but I didn't waiver. I stayed consistent with the plan, and I also refrained from these things during the week with him.

So Saturdays were fun for both of us. We have not struggled over the TV anymore and it has taught him a good lesson about "boundaries".