One New Food a Week

When I was going through a divorce, I had to come up with different things to do with my child when I had her on the weekends. The initial weekend that I had her, I said, we are going to start a thing called "One new food a weekend". 

It was something that she bought into, she was 4 years old at the time, and so it allowed me to either make something for her or try something new at dinner. We picked these foods together. Sometimes she rolled her eyes and said, "No, I don't want to try that" and I reminded her of the "one new food a weekend" deal we had made. She didn't always like everything, but it expanded the variety of foods she ate. 

People that I work with say they don't even eat those foods. They can't believe that my child is eating them. I love eating and cooking and I just don't want her to get stuck in the "chicken fingers" and "hamburger and spaghetti" routine. She has tried a lot of new vegetables. Once when we were in the grocery store, I saw some beautiful artichokes there. I suggested we try this for our new food. We came home and we cooked them.

 I always involve her in the cooking which is a big thing, because that definitely helps make it more real for her, and we ended up eating artichokes that weekend four different times. She likes them! She also likes asparagus. We also do this with restaurants. We scan the menu for different foods that we haven't tried and share the meal. It works great!