Family Fun and Traditions

Traditions to Welcome New Baby

I would love for first time mothers to understand that there is no such thing as starting rituals too early with a newborn. The daily rituals and the little things that you do can be started right away and they really help calm your child. There's nothing more magical than a mother singing to a child, just making up silly songs.

Celebrating Womanhood

I noticed that my daughter was changing physically and spiritually and I thought what better way to celebrate "her". So I invited 32 of my friends to come to an event in which they would talk to her about the "joys of being a woman". Topics included Working through Defeat, Making Good Choices in Life, Holding on to Your Dreams, and Walking with Faith.

Security Tradition

What keeps kids feeling connected to their parents are the very small, daily things. So I've gathered a lot of those sorts of ideas for my book.

Family Rules

We started out eating as many meals as possible together because we thought that was a good way to share what happened during the day. We never went into the den and ate in front of the TV. When we watched TV, we watched together because there was only one TV in the house.

Memory Book

When my children were very young, we took a very long trip involving two planes, two taxis and a boat, and I had to entertain the children. I had a drawing pad and some crayons and I started to draw the airplane and my 3 year old daughter colored it in.

Reading Aloud

We always read aloud in our family and when the children began to read for themselves around the 1st and 2nd grade, we thought it was important to continue to read aloud. Sometimes they read aloud to us, sometimes we read aloud together or sometimes I read aloud to them without them reading along.

Review of Kid's Day

Ever since my kids started kindergarten, we get together at dinner every night and talk about the kind of day the kids had and they tell us what is going on at school and with their after-school activities as well.

Family Journaling

This evolved with a practice where I would leave notes for my children to read when they came home from school, or if I had to work late, I might leave them a note on the kitchen table. They always enjoyed them. Sometimes it was an endearing sentiment; sometimes it was just a silly story that I might have made-up.

Teaching Family Tradition

Our youngest daughter just turned 3 and the other one will be 5 soon and starting kindergarten. There were certain things that we wanted to make sure she knew before going into kindergarten and we talked about whose responsibility it would be to teach her those things.

Dinner Conversations

When we sit down for dinner every night, we take this opportunity to go around the table and everyone has to tell the happiest and saddest thing that happened to them during that day. We each take turns and we usually talk about our saddest thing first and then go back around the table and everyone tells about their happiest thing.

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