Family Fun and Traditions

Recycling Kids' Clothes

Here in Alaska we have what we call a "clothes co-op". Here's how it works:

Thank You's and Manners

Our family would go to worship services and sing about peace on earth, good will toward men -- and then we would come home and fight about writing thank-you notes! I figured out some things that I think would be helpful for other families.

Shopping with Children

I have three children and it is hard to spend a whole day with each child individually. So I found a way to do this by letting each child choose a day to go shopping and they get to pick the stores.

Getting Kids Involved in Traditions

I decided to bring the kids into the planning stages for the holidays this year. I decided that I did not need to be the only person in charge of planning and keeping up with traditions.

Creating a Special Day

My five siblings and I were quite competitive and would often disagree about things from who got the TV remote to who should set or clear the table. To remedy this situation, my parents gave each of us a "special day". On my day, for example, I would be able to set the table, while the others cleared it.

Kids Writing Thank You Cards

Writing thank-you notes for gifts is a must in our family, but it is often met with dragging of the heels mixed in with some whining.

Capturing Precious Moments

There is always a time where you are caught saying, "I wish I had my camera!" 

What I did was buy several disposable cameras and place them throughout the house, in the diaper bag, in the car, etc. so that whenever I needed a camera there was one at close reach. 

Treasure Hunt Bithday Party

This is a birthday party idea borrowed from my own kindergarten teacher (from years ago). This party doesn't cost much except time and planning. It is basically a treasure hunt birthday party!

Creating Family Stories

It all started when we my kids were very little. We would drive to my mom's house about 35 minutes away. I would make up stories of a bear family -- it was always the same bear family. We called them Benji and Betty stories they were a brother and sister bear family who had fun and sometimes got in trouble. 

Holiday Celebration

When our grandsons came to see us on Christmas, they would be so frustrated and worn out by the time they got to our house, as they had been opening gifts on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, etc, that it wasn't as enjoyable as it should have been for any of us. 

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