Family Fun and Traditions

Mom and Dad's Library

Reading is very important in our household. So, to eliminate boredom with books that have already been read, we've come up with "Mom & Dad's Library Night".

Homemade Birthday Cards

What we found was that buying cards was very expensive and my kids have many, many relatives and they all wanted to see pictures of the children as they grew because, unfortunately we didn't live close to these relatives. 

Organizing Your Weekends With the Kids

I found that the weekends were getting to be stressful in our family with both parents working it was hard to balance the needs of the family with the needs of the children. So I came up with the idea of a weekend to-do list that I made with the kids. 

Pen Pal Parents

My 6 year old daughter thinks it is pretty neat to get mail, so I try to write her a letter at least once a month.

Encouraging Granchildren to Read

Several years ago, I found it very difficult to keep in communication with my grandchildren, as they live in another city. We would see each other on holidays and during the summer, but letters and telephone calls weren't very satisfactory. I really needed some sort of a jump-start for communicating with them.

Recording Vacation Memories

When my child was 4 1/3 years old we were going on a trip cross-country and we decided that a video camera was way to cumbersome and especially for use in the car. We thought about writing a journal but I found I got more involved with writing and missed half of the sights along the way. 

Family Traditions

We live by quite a few streams and creeks, so once every summer we take our daughter out to walk through some of these creeks and streams. However, before we do that we buy a stone and have it engraved with her name on one side and then a very brief, short message on the other side.

Toys Take a Vacation

I realized one day that most of the toys my children had were not being played with on a regular basis. After many years of putting their toys away for them, I came up with the idea of "vacation for toys". It works like this:

Time Capsules for Kids

We put a time capsule together for our daughter and kept it in the attic for four years and just a couple of months again she took it down and opened it (she's now 8 years old). The goal of the capsule was to help her understand the idea of "long-term" and for her to see herself in the future.

Birthday Notes

I wanted to start a tradition in our family of celebrating our lives in all the ways that we are blessed. One of the things I did was to create a way to let a family member know how much they mean to us and how the small things they do for us, do in fact matter.

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