Getting Kids to Practice

Regular practicing is much more valuable than lengthy practice sessions so what I like to think if the kids get to practice many more times a day it's much more effective than a big chunk of time. One of things I've found is to encourage kids to have their instruments easily accessible. Parents can make sure the instrument is out, not in a closet, near their school bag or wherever it's safe in the house. Make practicing part of their everyday routine.

I like to encourage or piggyback practicing with normal hygienic routines like teeth brushing. For instance, in the morning or going to bed you can work in a short practice session. Concentrate on a technique or review a practice piece.

For older children, after school or after a snack have a time to check on their assignments from their music teacher. Or before they go outside or ride their bike, have kids practice a short time.

Performances around the house or when guests or neighbors come over have them give a "recital" to encourage their practicing and add to self esteem.