Getting your Kids ready for the Dentist

A good idea for preparing kids for trips to the dentist: When my daughter was 2 1/2 she was getting ready to go to the dentist. Having worked in dentists' offices myself, I had seen how some kids were very frightened and some kids were more at ease. 

So before she went for the first time we role-played a trip to the dentist and the situation. I pretended to be the dentist and she would come to the bathroom door and she'd knock on the door and I'd say, "Welcome to my dentist's office! We are so glad you're here today." And she would sit on the toilet seat and I'd sit on the bathtub and we'd count her teeth and she could see what they were going to do. 

When she did go for the first time she did have a good experience and she liked the attention. This was also a good way to teach her how to brush her teeth well. She didn't want me to do it but she didn't have the skills to do it herself. So the role playing made a brushing her teeth fun.