Star Charts and Bedtime Routines

Our daughter has always had a hard time going to bed. She's always wanted to stay up late, she's never been a child who just falls asleep in your arms by reading a book. We had to start working with her. Our biggest tool right now is a sticker chart. We have seven days of the week at the top and the three tasks that are difficult for her on the side, getting dressed, being happy (no crying), and staying in bed on the third box. 

We use pictures with the tasks and we make copies and keep them in the living room and we use our chart right before we read and go to bed at night. She gets a sticker for each task when she does it and when she gets all ten stars in a row she gets a prize like a trip to the zoo or to the museum - an actual activity that we do together. It helps her motivation at bedtime, she has a hard time focusing on bedtime as a positive thing. Each night we try for the sticker for each task. It helps us focus on the positive.