"like-It" Dinners

Both of my kids were refusing to eat a variety of good foods. So I decided if I let them be part of the process in the kitchen, then they would want to eat what they had made because they had an investment in it. 

So, now I make what I call "like-it" dinners. You’d be surprised what little kids can make. My 3 year old can make a salad. My 6 year old helps make cut vegetables. They make simple things like burritos. They can do teaspoon measurements for marinades. They take a lot of pride in what they make. 

If you take the time you spend "shooing" the kids out of the kitchen and instead tell them to get the stuff ready for the salad, although it may take a few extra minutes, in the end it’s well worth it. They understand safety in the kitchen so much better now. They like to help prepare meals now and request certain foods. 

I believe they will become very good cooks as they get older, because they have a lot of pride in what they’re doing in the kitchen with me.