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Laundry Management With A Big Family

Making Weekend Transitions Easier For Children Of Divorced Families

I've found that when my two kids (4 and 8 years old) come back from their dad's house after the weekend that there can be a kind of emotional tug-of-war that goes on - an emotional testing of limits as they change from one house to another. I've found the best thing to do is to take time right as they walk in the door -- no matter what you're doing. 

Charts of Kids Activities

I was getting a lot of cries of "it's not fair, he just went to something" or "she had a play date" and I kept reassuring my kids that I would make if fair. I told them that I would make sure that everybody gets the same amount of special or fun activities, but they were not buying it.

Managing Bedtime

This was a suggestion that was given to me by my secretary a couple of months ago. My wife and I were having some problems at bedtime with the children.

Five A Day Challenge

We play a game in my family called “The Five A Day Challenge” Game. We play this at dinner. 

Cooking Tips

I read an article a few years ago about “food co-opting” and it gave me the idea to implement it among my friends. It is a way to accomplish a couple of things that are important to me as a mom struggling to find time to prepare good healthy meals for my family, as well as spend some quality time with friends.

Indoor Sports

Do your kids hate to hear "No throwing balls in the house"? We have 3 children and they all love to play games in the house. So we invented a game the kids can play with Mom's approval for indoors. We call it "balloon volleyball"! 

Tips for Single Moms

My philosophy is that you have to first conquer the mental challenge of not being in a "traditional" family. You have to get a little more creative with things and be a little more forgiving of yourself when you can't get everything done. The biggest worry is that you can't do everything they way everyone else does.

Tomato Can Golf

I took a tomato paste cans and drove them into the ground in my backyard and mowed the greens around them. I made little flags out of coat hangers and made myself, my 3 kids, and the neighbor's kids a little putt-putt golf course. 

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