Everyday Parenting

Tear Jar

We found that when toddlers begin pitching a temper tantrum, a distraction was a good tool to calm them down. I took a Mason jar and labeled it with my toddler's name and kept it in the kitchen. Whenever the tears would star flowing, I'd run to the kitchen and get her "tear jar" to catch all her tears. 

Shopping With Kids

Since my children are grown now, I have the opportunity to sit back and observe. When kids get to the checkout counter, they very often want candy. 

"like-It" Dinners

Both of my kids were refusing to eat a variety of good foods. So I decided if I let them be part of the process in the kitchen, then they would want to eat what they had made because they had an investment in it. 

Star Charts and Bedtime Routines

Our daughter has always had a hard time going to bed. She's always wanted to stay up late, she's never been a child who just falls asleep in your arms by reading a book. We had to start working with her. Our biggest tool right now is a sticker chart.

Getting your Kids ready for the Dentist

A good idea for preparing kids for trips to the dentist: When my daughter was 2 1/2 she was getting ready to go to the dentist. Having worked in dentists' offices myself, I had seen how some kids were very frightened and some kids were more at ease. 

Teaching Kids about Feelings

The way I taught my young children about feelings was to give each feeling a color of its own. Through this method they were able to process their own feelings and became more aware of others feelings (or colors).

Wactching What your Kids Watch on TV

When my kids were little I made the rule that they can't watch TV, but they can watch a television program. Even when they couldn't read, I would read them their options in the program guide and they would choose.

Keeping in touch

We always keep in touch with our kids when they were young with little notes in lunchboxes and notes on the fridge with reminders. Now we're in the computer age and all of us have email addresses and we started sending each other jokes that we received from other friends.

Getting Kids to Practice

Regular practicing is much more valuable than lengthy practice sessions so what I like to think if the kids get to practice many more times a day it's much more effective than a big chunk of time. One of things I've found is to encourage kids to have their instruments easily accessible.

One New Food a Week

When I was going through a divorce, I had to come up with different things to do with my child when I had her on the weekends. The initial weekend that I had her, I said, we are going to start a thing called "One new food a weekend". 

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