Mom and Dad Time after Baby

Here is some good advice for first time moms and dads transitioning to be a parent:

When 3:00 rolls around in the afternoon, both mom and dad should have a high protein snack…like cheese, nuts, a smoothie, etc. Then plan when everybody gets back together in the late afternoon, to put a quilt on the floor in the den and sit down with each other and baby and get calm and talk about your day. Maybe listen to some music and have a picnic together before the pressures of making dinner start in.

Babies are most likely going to cry between 5:00 and 7:00 at night. So often parents get really stressed and uptight with having dinner to fix and they don't know what they're going to fix. Just having an "hour of power" on a quilt where they are just relating to each other can make that hectic time more bearable.

They also need to plan to have dates together again. Plan a time you can look forward to, where you get together just to talk. You can even make a rule that during that hour you're not going to talk about the baby, which is all you are obsessed with.