Routine In Family

I would define a routine as something that you have to do often. For example eating, diaper changing, feeding, brushing teeth, napping and cleaning up are routines that have a beginning and an ending. I usually announce it!

Sometimes the first time we have to do a routine, my child fusses and doesn't like it, although I try to make it as fun and pleasant as possible. Once I have established that it is a routine and we're going to do it, then he knows that it is something that has a momentum that's going to get done and afterwards we can put our exciting energy into something else. Something that is really key if you have a routine such as bedtime, it makes the transfer to someone else really easy.

For example, my baby was up in the night a little too much and I was too tired by the time my 2 year old woke up, so I asked my friend who was visiting from out of town to go get my 2 year old up and she agreed. She did the exact same thing that she saw me doing for the last week and my child was okay with it. There were no problems at all!