Adjusting To A Babysitter

We recently moved after using the same babysitter for a long time, so it was going to be a little traumatic for my child and for us to leave for a little while. I had someone come and help me in my home so my daughter was there and I was there with her so she got used to having her around.

Eventually, if we were going to be going out that night, I would say earlier in the day that Katie (the babysitter) had called and wanted to know if she could come over and play tonight. We would talk about why it was okay for her to come over and the different things that they could do while we were gone, so by the time the babysitter arrived, she was ready and everything went smoothly. She now calls her babysitters "friends".

She really sort of rehearsed things the first couple of times by thinking it through in her mind, instead of "springing it on her" and then trying to explain what was going to happen. It was a much easier transition to have already laid the groundwork about who was coming over and what they were going to be able to do and what we were going to do during that time.

You can find good babysitters through any kind of parenting activities and churches, and if you're near a college that is very helpful.