Healthy Foods For Kids

I look at nutrition as a weekly rather than daily thing. I like to use a combination of both planning very specific meals so that I know that my kids are getting the right foods, and giving them free choices at good food that I can make easy and accessible for them.

Every morning at our house, there was always the question "what are we going to have for breakfast?" Many times we ended up with a granola bar on the way out of the door. I do believe that breakfast is important for getting the day started and it is a meal where you can fit in a lot of nutrition. So we created a set menu that is non-negotiable and has 7 items that everybody likes, and it covers a whole variety of food groups.

For Sunday we would have pancakes, for Monday it might be scrambled eggs, Tuesday might be cold cereal with fruit, etc. This was very helpful because the kids knew in advance what they were going to be having for breakfast, and it gave me a chance to have a little bit of a head start on the day. It's a sensible way to work that good nutrition in during the week and it takes the decision-making off of me in the morning.

For snacks there's an area in my kitchen where I keep nuts, whole grain cereals, and whole grain crackers. The bowls are right there for them to put their snacks in, and the kids know they can pick and choose from these snacks.