Tips For Visiting Moms With New Baby

What new parents really need because they are so exhausted, is for somebody to come in and take over all the other things that need to be done around the house after a new baby arrives, like housework…washing the dishes, helping with the laundry and vacuuming the floors. They need people to pitch in to help as opposed to demanding to be with the baby. This will allow mom and baby their privacy and rest. Visitors should wait for the mom to turn the baby over to them.

Visitors should say you came to help them get their house back in order as well as to see the baby…roll up your sleeves and jump in to help. Don't invite mom or dad to go out to dinner because that doesn't work in the early weeks when they are sleep deprived …find out what they like to eat, and bring a meal to them…give them some private time to eat together as a family.

Another tip is that it is important for new parents to have support and plan ahead. If a new mom is left by herself to care for the baby, it could be devastating. She should not be afraid to make long distance calls to get the support she needs from friends and family.