Kid-Friendly Meal Plan

I was getting tired of hearing "what's for dinner" from my daughter, so I made a Master Meal Plan because we were spending too much money at drive-throughs, ordering pizzas and never having any ideas of what to have for dinner.

So I wrote down all the recipes that my husband, my daughter and I liked and compiled a master ingredient list for those recipes. Then I put them in batches of five, typed them and printed out a number of copies and put them in a binder.

Each week when the sales flyer came in from the grocery store, I would see what the specials were for that week and find recipes that I had with those ingredients. So if the special was chicken, I would find my recipes with chicken. I would cross off the ingredients that I had at home, and what was left was my shopping list. So I would have the whole week's plan, the shopping list and the recipes all attached to one another.

This saved me a great deal of time and money and I could re-use each menu over and over again. I would shop once a week, and over time would have more and more selections. When I tried a new recipe I would see if the family liked it and if they did, we would put it in our master plan. This made our lives run so much more smoothly.