Money Matters and Kids

Tomato Can Golf

I took a tomato paste cans and drove them into the ground in my backyard and mowed the greens around them. I made little flags out of coat hangers and made myself, my 3 kids, and the neighbor's kids a little putt-putt golf course. 

Homemade Birthday Cards

What we found was that buying cards was very expensive and my kids have many, many relatives and they all wanted to see pictures of the children as they grew because, unfortunately we didn't live close to these relatives. 

Making Inexpensive, Healthy Baby Food

Not being the nutty, crunchy, earth-mother, I was a little bit hesitant when a friend suggested I make my own baby food. But then I discovered how easy it was to buy a bag of frozen peas or frozen carrots, cook them up in batches, puree them with an electric wand or beater and then you just put them into and ice cube tray.

Tips For Single Moms

My philosophy is that you have to first conquer the mental challenge of not being in a "traditional" family. You have to get a little more creative with things and be a little more forgiving of yourself when you can't get everything done. The biggest worry is that you can't do everything they way everyone else does.

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