Work and Family

Balancing Work And Family Time

I work from home, so to help keep a balance between work and family responsibilities, I developed a schedule of what hours I needed to devote to work and what hours are devoted to spending time with my children. This schedule helps me stay on track.

Master Task List For Chores

I found I was overwhelmed with things that had to be done at my house. So one day, I took a clipboard and went through each room of the house and listed what needed to be done. I listed how often it needed to be done according to what would make me and my family happy. For instance, vacuuming, dusting, doing the laundry, etc.

Kids Helping With Family Chores

Father Juggling Career & Parenting

From the beginning of parenthood, my wife and I wanted to be the primary childcare givers so we worked out a schedule where my wife works part-time and I work four days a week. It started with a clear commitment at the beginning and it really has been absolutely wonderful to be home with my kids on Fridays.

Dads Finding More Time For Parenting

Here's a plan for balancing career and parenting responsibilities:

Raising Children While Working From Home

Here are some tips for parents raising children while working from home.
One of the most important things to do is to make sure that you have an appropriate work space so whenever you go there, you have the mindset that you are going to be working. It helps your kids to know that too. When they see you in that space, they know that is a time when you are not to be disturbed.

Moms Working From Home

Working from home is so appealing. You have no commute, you're right there. Especially for moms that want to balance being around their kids, and being available to them, it's such an attractive alternative.

Summer Chores Using Index Cards

I use different color index cards and on each card I write a single chore. Depending upon the age appropriateness of it, the chore can be as simple as making a bed, reading for a half hour, doing a math review sheet, memorizing one SAT vocabulary word, or watering plants. Things that I would have to do during the summer, I would ask the children to do.

Create A Family Organizer

To create a family organizer, follow these steps below:

On the first page, be sure to include all emergency information such as the house address and the nearest cross street, cell phone numbers, home & work numbers and the doctor's numbers.

Include sections with medical information on each family member such as allergies, histories and insurance ID numbers.

Connecting With Your Kids

My daughter is entering middle school this year and I decided I needed to find a way to spend more time with her. So in an effort to keep connected with her, we started running together on a regular basis.

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