Computer Games

At some point it occurred to me that after age 10 or 12, my children were saving up money and their interests changed and they wanted to spend their money. I was not against this, but the items that they wanted to buy were things like video games, etc. with a higher price tag than what we were used to up to that point.

Although it was their money, it occurred to me that this was not a great way to go if they were just to save up a pile of money and then run quickly to the store and spend it all on something that they wanted. So the next time they wanted to buy something, my response was "I need to think about this" which gives you a little time to decide what your plan will be. I tried very hard not to just say "no" but to say "you know you can't do that, but you could do this". The focus being not what you can't do, but what you can do. So I came up with a plan that accomplished two things.

Our plan was that they could buy an item, for example a $30 game, if they could save $45, and $15 would go into their savings account. For some reason, this rule, once announced, worked!! They got to buy what they wanted, but they also saved money at the same time.