Coupons & Shopping

I have my children look through the Sunday paper and cut out coupons for the items that we use in our household. My children will then receive the value of that coupon to use in any way they want during our family vacation.

The catch is that THEY have to be the ones to remember to bring the coupon to the store and give it to the cashier. This not only helps children to become more social, but also helps me with the shopping and teaches them the value of money. 

We use the money in one lump sum on vacation for souvenirs and such. The only other rule that we have is that the products purchased with coupons had to be ones that we used. And if the child found a coupon for a new item that they wanted to try, it would not have any value the first time that we bought the product. 

This also helped save money on things like cereal because we found the kids making better choices based on price rather than gimmicks.