Homework and School

Encouraging Independent Reading

Making Homework Routines Manageable

My son, Robert, is an early bird. He gets up with me every morning at 6:00. The impact of that is that he is too tired to do his homework after 6:00 p.m. after dinner. Because he is an athlete, he spends a lot of time outdoors and the struggles do get his homework done after dinner because he is so tired.

Making School Routines Manageable

Making Reading Exciting

My 6-year-old daughter used to get very frustrated when learning how to read. She was fine as long as she was reading simple words, but once the words got harder, she would give up very easily.

Encouraging Readers In The Family

There were 5 children in our family and at some point we noticed that they were watching TV much more than they should, so we came up with the idea that reading would be an incentive for watching TV.

We allowed the children to establish their own reading bank. They could read in 15-minute lots, which equaled one unit. Then they could spend that same amount of time watching TV.

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