Traveling with Kids

Traveling With Young Children

Traveling With Young Children
Something that makes life a little easier when I'm flying with my child is to dress him in bright colored clothes while we're traveling. I would never lose sight of him, but dressing him this way helps me to spot him immediately. I always think ahead about what he will be wearing on the day we travel.

Suitcase Travel Tips

Ever since my son was very small, we've taken a lot of big trips together. Recently, we began going through a transition where my son traveled without his stroller.

Making A Treasure Bag For Family Travel

The treasure bag is something that parents can put together for their children, particularly for a long car or plane trip. Contrary to popular belief, electronic games are not the only thing you can do with your children on long trips.

Son's Travel Journal

This summer my son and I took a big trip to the east coast and then to Italy to visit family and friends and I knew we would be having "once in a lifetime adventures" so I started keeping a journal with him. I would write down what he told me and sometimes I would hand it over to him and he would start drawing pictures.

Solo Parent Travel Tips

It's taken me a while to find the things that work out when traveling alone with a young child. This past winter at Christmas we took a trip to New York that was noticeably easier and better than our previous trips had been and I think that was because of two things. (1) He was older, but (2) we had a lot of experience traveling, we had made some mistakes, and we'd had some systems in place.

Supply Kits For Kids

Whenever we run errands or go on a family trip, I like to be prepared for whatever may come up as far as my children's needs. Since I have six children, in order to be better prepared I decided to put together a "goodie bag" to keep in the car or in the stroller at all times.

The Family "Been There" Map

Are We There Yet?

When my children were 10 and 7 years old, we used to travel a lot. My husband came up with a wonderful idea to cut down on the kids' whininess.
Usually where we would stop to camp or stay in a hotel there would be game rooms. The kids were always begging us for money to play the games so my husband decided to take a roll of quarters and gave each child a roll.

Parents Aid Kit For Travel

We used to commute about 1.5 hours each way to and from work and with 3 small kids in the car that became really draining for everyone. I invented the "Parents Aid Kit" which is a first aid kit for parents.

Books On Tape

We take a lot of long car trips to visit relatives in other states, so years ago when my son was just an infant I started using books on tapes. We have found that they help him with school. They have introduced him to classic books and I think they have made him a better student in school because he has developed skills of listening and auditory memory.

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