Traveling with Kids

Car Trips

A couple of years ago for long car trips, I bought each child a craft box, which is the size of a large shoebox and it closes with bungee cords. It's long enough for Barbie dolls, rolled-up coloring books, crayons, books, and little items that keep them occupied on long car trips.

Travel Surprise

We were taking a long trip from Pittsburgh to Myrtle Beach which is about 11 1/2 hours and there were 7 of us in a mini-van: my 80 year old mother and a couple of other adults and 3 children.

Kid Travel

What we've found that works for us when we're going on a family trip or vacation we don't tell the kids until the night before. We find that this eases the "when are we leaving" and other hype before the trip.

Travel Journal

The travel journal idea came to me when my husband and I were on vacation. We're not parents, but I am a teacher and I noticed a lot of the kids that were having problems keeping themselves occupied during those difficult waiting times, such as waiting for dinner to be served at a restaurant or standing in line for a ride at an amusement park.

Tricks For Travel

Things to do as you are traveling with children on long car trips:

Learn to knit and crochet.

See how many shapes you can make with a dollar.

Read maps.

Reading In The Car

My daughter was interested in some books that she had found at the library on various mammals like the octopus, etc. so we took some home and also got the video. Since my tape-player isn't real convenient to get to, I thought I would put them in the car and let her look at the book and I'd play the tape as she looked at the book. Well she loved it! She listens to these all the time.

Recording Vacation Memories

When my child was 4 1/3 years old we were going on a trip cross-country and we decided that a video camera was way to cumbersome and especially for use in the car. We thought about writing a journal but I found I got more involved with writing and missed half of the sights along the way.

Air Travel With Kids

Traveling with a toddler isn't hard -- it just requires some planning. I make sure I have fun things for her to do, as well as food that's easy to carry and to eat.
Bring more than you think you'll ever need -- because they get hungry -- and emergency materials. Toddlers don't really like airport food, so I bring Cheerios and raisins. Also, moms and dads like to eat when they get hungry!

Activities For Those Long Car Trips

We enjoy taking family trips, but nobody enjoys that constant "How much further" or "Are we almost there?" coming from the backseat. So my wife and I try a game we'd heard about to put a stop to the constant questioning.

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