Life Lessons

Random Acts Of Kindness

Random Acts Of Kindness

I teach an ethics class, and one of the assignments I give my students is that before their heads hit the pillow at the end of the day, they must perform a "random act of kindness".

Teaching Moral Lessons

Teaching Moral Lessons
Kids usually know that lying and saying bad words is bad behavior, but they don't necessarily know on a deeper level what makes us mad as parents when these behaviors occur.

Gift Giving And Thank You Notes

I think that any child gets very excited and very involved in receiving gifts at a very young age. But what I thought was very important wass for children to also understand how exciting, fun and important it can be to also give gifts.

Sharing With Siblings

Sharing With Siblings

When we need to divide a bag of chips or a treat, I allow one child to do the splitting and the other child who did NOT do the splitting gets to pick which piece he/she wants FIRST.

Teaching Tolerance And Explaining Religious Differences

We live in a very diverse community in every sense of the word, socioeconomically and culturally. We live here so our children are always in contact with lots of different types of people. We are Jewish and our children are pretty well grounded in Jewish education and at some point all of our children have come to us to ask questions about differences.

Making Good Choices About Toys

To prevent young children from being overwhelmed by many toys, here's an idea of how to keep the number of toys children play with to a manageable number for both kids and parents.

Teenagers And Part-Time Jobs

20 or 30 years ago kids were needed more by the family because they had more jobs to do - things weren't so automatic and you couldn't get things done so fast. I don't think kids are needed so much today around the house or in a working sense, and it's hard to teach them responsibility.

Allowance Tips

I was paying my son an allowance of $5.00 a week and he would always spend it immediately. Then, throughout the whole week he was pestering me, always wanting me to buy him a toy or something. (Let's face it, in today's economy, even with young children, $5.00 is really not that much money.) My solution was to pay him the way that I get paid at work, which is once a month.

Shopping With Children

I have three children and it is hard to spend a whole day with each child individually. So I found a way to do this by letting each child choose a day to go shopping and they get to pick the stores.

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