Encouraging Children

Motivating Kids To Do Chores

When my brother and I were around 10 years old, we moaned and groaned about having to do daily chores. We respected our parents but chores were not a priority for us. Since this was something that my mom wanted done, she attended an evening class about motivating your children to do chores.

Getting Ready For The Dentist

A good idea for preparing kids for trips to the dentist: When my daughter was 2 1/2 she was getting ready to go to the dentist. Having worked in dentists' offices myself, I had seen how some kids were very frightened and some kids were more at ease.

Encouraging Reading With $$ Reward

I am the mother of four children ages 4, 6, 8, and 10. I have found a great way to encourage them to read! I pay them a penny a page for the books they read.

Time Capsule For Kids

Time Capsule For Kids

Birthday Notes

I wanted to start a tradition in our family of celebrating our lives in all the ways that we are blessed. One of the things I did was to create a way to let a family member know how much they mean to us and how the small things they do for us, do in fact matter. (We seem to always focus on the things we've done wrong in our life, but it's nice to know when a person does something right.)

Funny Book

Funny Book
When my son was a little boy, my mother said to me, "Write those funny stories down. You will never remember them later and you will be sorry you forgot them." So I write them all down and at the end of the year I print out the whole year's collection of hilarious moments, and put them in a 3-ring binder.

Cooking With Kids

I have a son who is in 1st grade. When he comes home from school, unlike the other children, he is full of energy and ready to keep going strong! He wants a lot of activity, so we found it was best if we planned a cooking time with just him.

Family Tree

Family Tree
My six year old son suddenly became very interested in knowing "who's who" in our family and who he is named after, etc. I talked about the various family members in our extended family but he wasn't really grasping it.

Teaching Kids About Feelings

The way I taught my young children about feelings was to give each feeling a color of its own. Through this method they were able to process their own feelings and became more aware of others feelings (or colors).

Nieces And Nephews Letters

I believe it's important for extended family members to stay in touch even when they live a long distance away. I think it is the responsibility of the aunt, grandmother, even the parent to initiate and establish a relationship with each child in the family.

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