Create A Family Organizer

To create a family organizer, follow these steps below:

On the first page, be sure to include all emergency information such as the house address and the nearest cross street, cell phone numbers, home & work numbers and the doctor's numbers.

Include sections with medical information on each family member such as allergies, histories and insurance ID numbers.

You can also use it as a place to gather up schedules for the different organizations that you belong to; measurements for the family members; measurements for the house, etc.

The emergency information is critical. We moved into a new house about a year ago. During the first month we had a grease fire in our oven and the fire department needed the name of the nearest cross street. A month ago, my two year-old son hit his head on a coffee table and required stitches. We were able to get him in quickly for help because we didn't have to search for the medical information. I know, because when I panic, I forget all kinds of things.

I originally came across the idea in Denise Schofield's "Confessions Of A Happily Organized Family" and I have relied on it heavily every since I set it up. It is also a good tool for babysitters.