Dads Finding More Time For Parenting

Here's a plan for balancing career and parenting responsibilities:
I had always had a personal goal to balance my work with life at home, but was never able to achieve this because of my busy work schedule at a large law firm. Eventually, I was fortunate enough to split off and form a firm with four other partners all of whom had this "shared vision" to balance profitability from our practice and lifestyle at home.

One of the things I do to make it all work is to start my day early. I get to my office very early, which allows me to leave earlier in the afternoon, depending on what the activities are that I have with my kids. This shared vision with the other partners has helped me to achieve this goal, and also setting boundaries for the number of hours I would work and trying to get much better with delegating work.

I have a much closer relationship with my children now and this has had a very positive impact on my wife, who was essentially trying to raise our children alone, when I was working such long hours in the past.

Some "Words of Wisdom" to other parents: To make the choice, means making some sacrifices. The notion that you "can have it all", both economics and time at home, is something that a lot of people chase after without realizing that you have to sacrifice sometimes on the economic side to reap the benefits of being with your kids.