Father Juggling Career & Parenting

From the beginning of parenthood, my wife and I wanted to be the primary childcare givers so we worked out a schedule where my wife works part-time and I work four days a week. It started with a clear commitment at the beginning and it really has been absolutely wonderful to be home with my kids on Fridays.
This got started with some conversations at my work by talking with my boss and my peers and a great deal of support from them. It is all about balancing…to make sure the clients get what they need, and at the same time balance my competing demands. It is a daily challenge and calibration.

Sometimes it means we're juggling and sometimes we are multi-tasking, but at the end of the day it seems to really work when you have a schedule that is laid out for the week and we both know when we're going to be home. If I treat my kids' activities as important as my client activities, then it keeps me focused on making that part of my schedule until it becomes habitual and I know where I need to be.

Sometimes I have to work a little in the evenings after the kids are asleep to "catch up", but that's part of juggling your daily schedule. I feel like I'm part of my kids' lives and I have learned that sometimes kids don't understand "LO-V-E" unless you spell it "T-I-M-E". So I remind myself of this a lot.

My children appreciate the time I spend with them and me just being there for them as they grow up. So that's really a big benefit and it's hard to put a price on that!!